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This rare example of the three-bay Greek Revival simple creole cottage was an excellent candidate for restoration because of its fine design, unusual type, and picturesque setting facing Washington Square. It and other cottages of this type, such as 710 Kerlerec and 933 Elysian Fields, are of a much later vintage than the usual side-gabled cottage.

The home now known as the R&B Bed and Breakfast was built after 1869, when Edward Bermudez acquired the land facing Frenchmen on this square, from this lot to the corner of Dauphine. Here the facade is plastered and the sides are weatherboard. The Square-headed openings are embellished by slightly raised lintels and molded cornices. The six-paneled door has an oval transom and Greek Key architrave,and under the overhand is a dentil row. The single central dormer has large proportions in the style of the 1860's.



In November 2013, local music club owner, Bil Szarabajka purchased the then dilapidated home for his sister Rita to move in as acting Innkeeper. He and his sister cleverly named the soon to be  Bed & Breakfast, "R&B Bed and Breakfast" to represent their names and the music of Frenchmen Street. 

Together, a team was formed and the 151 year old home was transformed . Whatever could be refinished and restored was. Colorful walls, and musically themed rooms we're created. Crown molding was expertly chosen and crafted in almost every room. Vintage drapes and cornices from the Baton Rouge Country Club were fitted and installed. Beautiful antiques we're purchased at auction to furnish the home. Bil's love of hand knit rugs is apparent throughout the home and Rita's extensive experience in mattress and linen sales assured the best bedding and towels available. The R&B Bed and Breakfast came to life Mardi Gras 2014. 

Rita Emily.jpg


Rita lived in and expertly managed R&B Bed and Breakfast for five years. During that time, Rita was highly reviewed.  R&B Bed and Breakfast has won conveted awards and consistently remained a Top 10 B&B in New Orleans on TripAdvisor (out of 135+).

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